[Stackless] Segmentation fault when running example wsgi app in linux/win

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During finalize, orphaned tasklets may be killed.  And for them to be killed, they have to be woken up.
Something is breaking during this process.  gc is very dangerous territory.
I have seen this too but not been able to put my finger on it exactly.

I have experienced the *exact* same thing when embedding stackless python as a game mission scripting language (old game, BZ2, missions were C++ only before, stackless was awesome for this purpose).  But yes, during Py_Finalize it just crashes hard, and I am *certain* there are no tasklets still running, I managed everything very close.  I just worked around it by forcing my DLL to stay loaded and clean itself between missions and just never call Py_Finalize, but this was back with Python/Stackless 2.4 was brand new, so that bug has been around for a very long time.  As stated though, never bugged me as I just never called it.

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