[Stackless] 1. Stackless Error (Carl, Andrew F (AS))

Carl, Andrew F (AS) a.carl at ngc.com
Mon Mar 15 19:14:57 CET 2010

Andrew / Christian,

Yes, stackless.run had been called, just not included in the email.
"self" is just the current class instance, really does not matter. It
appears that the important point is the definition of what can
constitute a "callable". (i.e. function, class instance...?).


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On 3/13/10 2:34 PM, Andrew Francis wrote:
> Hi Andy:
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>> Attempting to use the following:
>> Stackless.tasklet( self.r_run(args) )
>> I get the following post run error:
>> "TypeError: tasklet function must be a callable"
> I don't know what self is. However tasklet() expects a callable (
> hence the error). A while you can create a tasklet is by passing
> function (a callable) to the tasklet function. The arguments are
passed separately.
> example
> def printIt(message):
>      print message
> stackless.tasklet(printIt)(message)
The confusing part of this is that Andy did not call stackless.run,
so his test appears to do nothing, because the tasklet does not run at
all in the first place and gets killed when python ends.

The other approach
   Stackless.tasklet( self.r_run(args) )
breaks for the reason you pointed out.

cheers - chris

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