[Stackless] Delay on Stackless Python 3.1.2

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 01:10:41 CET 2010

Since 2.6.5 and 3.1.2 are being released in quick succession, this has
resulted in a delay on whatever one was released after the other.
This turns out to be 3.1.2.

It took me two days to do the 2.6.5 merge, including waiting for up to
eight hours for svnmerge to do whatever it does.  Then fixing the
problems in the merge.  Testing on two operating systems.  Building
installer.  Building documentation.  Uploading.

If you are waiting for 3.1.2, then you are going to be waiting until
this coming weekend when I will next have the time.  Just a heads up.


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