[Stackless] Trying To Install Stackless v2.5.2 on Top ofActivePython v2.5.2.2

Carl, Andrew F (AS) a.carl at ngc.com
Thu Mar 25 22:21:32 CET 2010

First, I'm appreciative of your shared efforts on Stackless. Impressive
features. "On Top" meant "on-top". At the root of my issue appears to be
a incompatibility of stackless w/ PyQt from April 2007 (ref.
http://www.stackless.com/pipermail/stackless/2007-April/000142.html ).
Don't understand why it is still a problem (...being 2010 and all...).
So, I was attempting to "somehow" merge active & stackless (...cake and
eat it too...). That said, your response was not helpful. If you don't
like the question, feel free to not respond. I got so far as to updating
sip, but got hungup on "making" pyqt on windows. Any helpful suggestions
or links to on topic threads would be most appreciated!

Thanks again for your efforts!

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On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 6:40 AM, Carl, Andrew F (AS) <a.carl at ngc.com>
> I'm attempting to install Stackless v2.5.2 on top of ActivePython
> but subsequently, "import stackless" results in an error "ImportError:
> modeule named stackless". Does anybody have any experience w/ this or
> suggestions?

This is too ambiguous to understand.  It might mean you are patching
an existing install by using the zip file.  Or it might mean that you
are using the installer, to either install alongside the ActivePython
one, or over the top.  None of these are supported and attempting them
is like cramming a square brick into a round hole.

If you want to use the existing builds of Stackless, then use the
standard installed from python.org.


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