[Stackless] ActiveMQ and Server Framework.

Kevin Wood kevinw at justuni.org
Thu May 27 00:32:24 CEST 2010

1.  I am looking for a server framework to start "Tasklets".  Currently, 
I have a Python application that on startup reads a service 
configuration file writing out ".py" file containing all the "Tasklets" 
a specific node should run or activate.  The generated file is then 
included via import and each individual "Tasklet" is started.  Each 
'Tasklet' is configured similar to 'httpd' (MIN,MAX,SPARE).

Is the a existing framework that preforms similar behavior?

2. 'Tasklets' are communicating via ActiveMQ currently using the below 
paradigm is there a channel based version of this or should I write my 
own channel?




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