[Stackless] Stackless site is moving this month

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Mon Nov 1 11:54:23 CET 2010

On 10/19/10 1:00 PM, Christian Tismer wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Stackless.com <http://Stackless.com> is moving again, as it is on the 
> same server as the sites mentioned below. If all goes well, you will 
> notice very little.
> The site will not change this time. I just need to replace the server 
> and get rid of double-payment. The site will change when these issues 
> are gone.
> There is one relevant change: stackless always was a physical site, 
> hosting all the others. I will abandon this and turn Stackless itself 
> into a virtual. This makes things easier to manage and decouples any 
> change of stackless from the physical layout.
> All sites will be hosted by
> snakepit.tismerysoft.net <http://snakepit.tismerysoft.net>
> After the site change, psyco.org <http://psyco.org> will become a 
> similar site. I think to consolidate all python-related sites under 
> python.net <http://python.net>.
> You will get noticed one day before the DNS change will happen. It 
> will be in a few days after final configuration and testing.

the transfer is done. Stackless.com is the old site in a new box.
The new IPv4 is

more to come soon -- cheers - chris

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