[Stackless] Python-stackless 2.6.2 crashes with the following segfault.

Abhinav Jha virolord at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 22:57:07 CET 2010


I'm using python-stackless 2.6.2, which occasionally ( once every week or so
with 24 hours runtime ) crashes with the following segmentation fault :

[8150662.942496] python-stackles[6191]: *segfault at 21 ip 00000000004d9d20
sp 00007fffc6f2a050 error 4 in python-stackless[400000+162000]*
Since there is no core file, I am unable to debug further - what is that
best way to fix this ? Is this  a known issue with this version ? Will
upgrading to the latest version help ? Does a core file form when
python-stackless crashes ? I am unable to find it at /usr/local/bin, where I
installed this binary.  If not here, then where can it be ?

Also, is the version at
git://gitorious.org/stackless/mainlinemirror.gitkept in sync with the
latest version ?

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