[Stackless] Advice on Tracking down GC Assertion Failure

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 22:17:01 CET 2010

Hi Guys:

I know that this is with my experimental version of Stackless Python with select() so it is a bit more difficult to track down.

However I am getting a number of errors that result in the following:

python: Modules/gcmodule.c:277: visit_decref: Assertion `gc->gc.gc_refs != 0' failed.

In the past, Kevin and I tried various things to track down the error. I figure the problem revolves around not decrementing a reference count somewhere. Can anyone recommend a strategy for hunting this down? I have to admit that I am not as familiar with the C code base as Kevin was but now I am working on it.


P.S: here is output and a coding example that works with stackless.py

DANCER starting 12
PRANCER starting 9
VIXEN starting 12
COMET starting 7
CUPID starting 6
DONER starting 10
DASHER starting 7
BLITZEN starting 11
RUDOLPH starting 9
A starting 2
B starting 4
C starting 4
D starting 6
E starting 8
F starting 2
G starting 4
H starting 7
python: Modules/gcmodule.c:277: visit_decref: Assertion `gc->gc.gc_refs != 0' failed.

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