[Stackless] Stackless site is moving this month

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Oct 19 13:00:51 CEST 2010

Hi friends,

Stackless.com is moving again, as it is on the same server as the sites mentioned below. If all goes well, you will notice very little.

The site will not change this time. I just need to replace the server and get rid of double-payment. The site will change when these issues are gone. 

There is one relevant change: stackless always was a physical site, hosting all the others. I will abandon this and turn Stackless itself into a virtual. This makes things easier to manage and decouples any change of stackless from the physical layout. 

All sites will be hosted by


After the site change, psyco.org will become a similar site. I think to consolidate all python-related sites under python.net. 

You will get noticed one day before the DNS change will happen. It will be in a few days after final configuration and testing. 

Cheers - chris

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> From: Christian Tismer <tismer at stackless.com>
> Date: 19. Oktober 2010 01:27:50 MESZ
> To: webmaster at starship.python.net, crew at starship.python.net,  Dinu Gherman <gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de>
> Subject: Starship is moving this month

> Howdy,
> The Starship is moving again.
> -----------------------------
> I cancelled its contract by this calender month, to force myself
> to really get it done.
> This should have happened already in May, but I was very ill.
> Now, the sites are readily copied over, and after a few adjustments,
> the ship can move again.
> The transition will (if it works as intended) be smoother than ever.
> The new site is just more capable: more memory, more cpus, more space.
> Starship will stay the same unless there is a request to change
> something, but the 4 Core I7 cpu's will be noticeable immediately.
> I think some more memory will be possible, too.
> When the change is finally started, then we will have a down-time
> of 1-2 hours for the last rsync when all services are stopped.
> Due to DNS propagation time, some emails will probably still hit
> the old site for a day or two. This can lead to a few mail duplications,
> because I will stop and sync the old site not to loose anything.
> It is a good idea to avoid larger restructurings of your emails while
> the DNS propagation is in progress.
> I will announce the exact switching time a day before. People relying
> on their applications are probably better off to use the IP address
> instead of the host name in that period.
> Please contact me if you need a special exception for rsync to avoid
> data inconsistencies.
> cheers - chris
> p.s.:
> Old machine:      chewwy.tismer.com
> Physical site:    stackless.com, tismerysoft.de, tismer.com
> Virtual machines: starship.python.net, django.stackless.com
> New machine:      snakepit.tismerysoft.net
> Physical site:    snakepit as DMZ only
> Virtual machines: starship.python.net, stackless.com, django.stackless.com
> I need to move less urgent sites to IPv6 due to IPv4 shortage.
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