[Stackless] Creating a relation between tasklets to forward exceptions

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Hi Gabriel:

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>Also, I hope to have some time soon to translate some part of this wiki >in English and to write an article, also in English. But before, I don't >have much time to left to finish my thesis and this is my priority. I'll >keep you updated!

Cool stuff. My french is not the greatest (shame on me) and I have always meant to read your thesis (if it is still available) since I have done some mobile agent stuff when I was taking graduate computer science at Carleton. The french looks relatively straightforward to translate.

Also we live relatively close to each other.....

L'implémentation des concepts liés à la migration de micro-processus est offerte au programmeur sous forme d'une API de programmation ressemblant fortement à celle de Stackless Python. Cet API fait par contre partie d'un nouveau module nommé dstackless. Les fonctions de Stackless Python sont toujours disponibles mais certaines ont été ajoutées pour la création de noeuds, la migration de micro-processus ainsi que la création d'objets distribués. Cette section explique chacune des fonctions disponibles dans le module dstackless.

The implementation of concepts for process migration are offered to the
programmer in the form of an API that is strongly resembles Stackless Python. This API is placed in a new module called dstackless. Stackless Python functionality is always available but new functions are added for the creation of nodes and for the process migration of distributed objects. This section explains the available functions in the dstackless module.

Let me get to more of it when I have time.



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