[Stackless] pickling tasklet cframe error (exceptions.ValueError: frame exec function at 00499ba0 is not registered!)

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 02:41:10 CEST 2010

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 5:07 PM, Crispin Wellington
<retrogradeorbit at gmail.com> wrote:
> stackless pickles a tasklet with a cframe in it? Any help would be
> appreciated and I understand that this isn't much info. I'll keep digging!

Hi Crispin,

I did at one point understand this code, but have since forgotten.

The Stackless pickling functionality is implemented in a decoupled
way, in pricklepit.c I think.  And there are special case pickler and
unpickler support there for the different types of objects, including
frames.  However, it might be that you are calling out into an
extension and trying to pickle that frame.  In which case, it is
unlikely you are going to be able pickle without dealing with this.

If you keep digging, then please share what you discover back to the list.


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