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On 8/10/11 3:17 PM, Andrew Francis wrote:
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> >Where I have to admit that I belong to the lazier guys, although
> >being the one who caused all the trouble... But after some serious health
> >issues, finding a lost message due to an invalid subject line has
> >become a serious problem because I'm pretty much blinded.
> >Nevertheless it was annoying before that as well ;-) .
> >Still undecided - ly  yours -- chris
> Well I get Stackless Python in digest form. And Yahoo doesn't help 
> much in regards to
> responding. Still I think that was an honest mistake. Just a warning. 
> No need to moderate
> or filter.

I've meanwhile read quite a lot in the mailman lists, about mailman,
digests, possible troubles and workarounds, etc.
As a short-term solution to digests, I changed the default of the
list to mime-digests. Many MUAs, like Thunderbird, seem to be able
to cope with mime-digests, where you still can reply on a single
message. I was ignorant before about this because I never use digests.

Nothing against digests in general if they are used in a way that does
not result in incomprehensible replies. Answering on a single message
in a mime digest is a fine way to do this.

cheers - chris

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