[Stackless] cross compile stackless from x86 to mipsel

Jeff Senn senn at maya.com
Thu Feb 10 04:02:38 CET 2011

On Feb 9, 2011, at 9:27 PM, Christian Tismer wrote:

> And I'm wondering about the connection to openWRT ??? It is a quite
> different theme and I read a lot about it for my Buffalo router.
> What is the relation to Stackless?
> Although all this router stuff is great, I have very different thought here...
> Maybe we should chat a bit by private mails.
> cheers - chris


I'm wondering if the thought you have is something like:

Since it's on an embedded platform with limited OS and perhaps
no C extensions, could we have a simple stackless that 
*only* does soft-switching?

If so, I am interested in this thought since I have an embedded
platform where it would be interesting -- I've looked briefly at
it... only enough to realize that it's not trivial to get rid
of all the dependencies on stack switching given the current
organization of the code...

And if that wasn't your thought... 
anyone care to think about it? :-)

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