[Stackless] Stackless installation on FreeBSD

Werner Thie werner at thieprojects.ch
Wed Jan 26 20:28:09 CET 2011

Hi all

just spent a few frustrating hours trying to install stackless on a 
FreeBSD 8.0 box. That said - installation was smooth sailing but the 
problems started when building C extensions. All extensions I tried to 
build failed with an not very helpful

cc: ${LDFLAGS}: No such file or directory

in the linking stage.

After comparing the original Makefile.pre.in created by the BSD port 
system and the one from stackless two lines seemed the obvious 
candidates, which proved to be true. Is there somebody out there who can 
shed some light onto this problem.

Conflicting lines, original stackless Makefile.pre.in left, BSD 
Makefile.pre.in right (only relevant diff shown)


Thxs, Werner

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