[Stackless] Preparing for the 3.2 Stackless release

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 10:39:34 CET 2011


We are now in sync with the mainline py3k branch and both Windows and Linux
compilation succeeds.

One problem remains to be solved before we can do a release, and that is the
problem of pre-compiled gotos.  A recent change to mainline py3k removed the
underlying mechanic for interrupting prolonged execution and replaced it
with the use of signals.  However, we were using this "ticking" mechanism to
implement our pre-emptive scheduling.  It was a simple matter to add a
custom Stackless ticker.. however it seems that when pre-computed gotos are
used this mechanism is bypassed in some way.

I am unable to look into this further at this point because gdb is not
installed on stackless.com.  The worst case scenario is that it is not
possible to cleanly fix this, and I have to disable use of precomputed gotos
for the release of Stackless 3.2.

If anyone wants to take a whack at looking into this, you can do so by
running "./python Stackless/unittests/test_watchdog.py" and othen using the
failing tests there to direct your efforts.

The release date of Python 3.2 is February 12th.

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