[Stackless] Stackless development status

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 05:34:50 CEST 2011


Currently neither Kristjan nor myself have much time spare to work on
Stackless.  This means that we are now somewhat behind and at this
time there is no effort in progress to work on the accumulating
backlog of tasks.

* Python has transitioned to Mercurial based version control, Stackless has not.

Initially there was talk of our repositories being migrated for us as
part of the Python transition, but as that got delayed and perhaps
turned out to be more and more work, this never happened.  We have a
couple of leads on doing a matching Stackless transition, but they're
proceeding slowly.

* Outstanding merges and releases.

Here are the outstanding Python merges and releases which have not
been done for Stackless:

- Python 2.6.7.
- Python 3.1.4.
- Python 2.7.2 (this is pending soon).

The only one of these that can proceed, should someone find the time,
is the first (2.6.7) as that is the only one that seems to be be up to
date in the old Python SVN repositories.  The others can proceed after
the Mercurial transition.

* Outstanding bugs.

- Tasklet on secondary thread crash (reported by Lv Wentao).
- Greenlet state pollution (reported by Tom Lynn).

* You...

If you have any interest in helping out with the outstanding merge
(and possibly also release) or the bugs, then feel free to step
forward and offer!


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