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Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Wed Jun 29 12:39:00 CEST 2011

Hi Kristjan, Richard, Ronnie, Anto,

I saw Ronnie on EuroPython and talked to him, but did not get to
the repository stuff yet. ASFAIK, Ronnie is quite busy with university
stuff, so let's wait a bit.
A few things:

1) I agree to the principal strategy, with some info added from Martin v.L.:
If we are going to preserve the history from SVN, then the HG repository
will quite similar, and we will not have a simple way to maintain the
stackless branches similar to the cpython maintenance branches
since they don't have a common root.
(maybe this is not true, just from my memory)
So I expect a similar situation as with SVN which is not bad at all, plus
the much improved HG way to use local repositories that simplifies
my cross-platform work a lot.

2) I used Bitbucket quite a bit now and was quite pleased. I wrote on 
that I was wondering why PyPy did not use python.org instead of bitbucket,
but meanwhile I came a bit ambiguous about that. I see that instead of 
our repository on python.org, the much bigger political value might be in
moving our mailing list to python.org, for which I want to ask about your
opinions! For the repository, we can either use python.org directly, or 
we can
use bitbucket as the primary resource, and have a periodical clone on 
as a backup/for public read access - a way that was proposed for PyPy, too.
I would appreciate to get your opinions about this.

cheers - chris

(including the stackless mailing list)

p.s.: Greetings from the PyPy sprint in Genova-Pegli :-)

p.p.s.: working on PyPy 64 bit for Windows, should making Kristjan happy...

On 6/16/11 3:48 PM, Kristján Valur Jónsson wrote:
> Hello there, Ronny and Anto.
> I got your email addresses from Laura Creighton.  I was at the post-easter PyPy sprint in Gothenburg (where Anto and I met) and one of the topics we discussed was  that we Stackless folk need to get Stackless into Mercurial to continue keeping Stackless python and C python in sync.  Laura (or someone) mentioned that PyPy had people with excellent SVN->Hg experience and suggested that I ask them for assistance.  This means you, I hope :).
> Stackless python is currently hosted at svn.python.org under /stackless.
> Basically, we are looking for help or advice on how to best proceed with moving toward Hg, while maintaining the revision history from Svn, also making it possible to easily integrate changes to Cpython into the Stackless branches that we maintain.
> Ultimately, from what little experience I have with Hg, I foresee something like this happening:
> 1)      hg.python.org/cpython gets cloned into something we can call /stackless  (this will likely ultimately be hosted at hg.python.org like the current stackless is at svn.python.org)
> 2)      We create Stackless branches of each of the stackless branches in this repository. i.e. there will be a 2.7 branch and a stackless.2.7 branch there, as well as a stackless.default, and so on.
> 3)      We import the diffs between regular python and stackless python into the stackless branches.  This is the step that requires importing as much revision history as possible
> 4)      We now have a clone of the Cpython reporsory which we can refresh (from cpython) from time to time, and merge changes between branches.
> Any thoughts on this?  Can you offer us any suggestions, insights or other help
> Cheers,
> Kristján

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