[Stackless] Announcement: sPickle - an Extended Pickler for Stackless

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Tue May 3 19:14:53 CEST 2011


sorry for the delay, I was busy.

 > I saw this get released on Pypi when you added it there.  Can you give a
 > description of the use it has been put to?

The sPickle module has been developed as part of our flowGuide2 project and is 
now used by the flowGuide2 project. Our main application of sPickle within 
flowGuide is:
- Checkpointing a python program one one computer and resuming it later on on a 
different computer.
- Executing parts of a program on a remote computer, either by migrating the
complete flow control or by invoking only a subroutine as a remote procedure call.

And flowGuide itself is used to control simulation jobs (mostly for CAE) on 
large scale HPC compute clusters.

I'm going to release a 0.3 version of sPickle very soon. I just added a second 
example (checkpointing) and fixed a few issues. My proposal for the EuroPython 
2011 got accepted. The talk is on Friday 24th of June, 11:15.

And there is a second stackless related talk on Monday by Péter Szabó about
"Emulating Stackless and greenlet with each other".

CU Anselm

Am 10.04.2011 03:19, schrieb Richard Tew:
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Anselm Kruis
> <a.kruis at science-computing.de>wrote:
>> if you are interested in pickling, you might want to look at the new
>> sPickle
>> package available on PyPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/sPickle
>> It extends the standard class pickle.Pickler and is able to serialise many
>> types, including most classes, modules, packages. The source archive
>> contains a
>> readme and a first example. I also submitted a presentation about sPickle
>> for the EuroPython 2011 conference.
>> The code was developed as part of a commercial project and recently
>> released as free software by science + computing ag. Currently it requires
>> Stackless Python 2.7. The code is not very well tested outside of the
>> application it was developed for. Therefore you should consider it alpha
>> quality.
>   Hi Anselm,
> Thanks for releasing a Stackless-related project :-)
> I saw this get released on Pypi when you added it there.  Can you give a
> description of the use it has been put to?
> Cheers,
> Richard.
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