[Stackless] stackless python gets crashed while setting frame.f_lineno

Hussain Bohra hussainbohra_30 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 14:17:03 CEST 2011

I have done some enhancement in the pydev i.e. python plugin
for eclipse and added a new debug command i.e. Set Next Statement. 
But when I am using stackless python as an interpreter, I am
facing the following issue:
-          When an instruction pointer is inside any method
which has try..except..finally and then I try to execute a set next command, python
-          In the attached screenshot, when I am trying to
jump from line 11 to line 29, python crashes.

But If I comment finally block, then jump from  line 11 to line 29 it works fine.
I investigated pydev code and figured
out that python gets crashed while executing the following code:
o   frame.f_lineno = line

Note: I am
using stackless python 3.2, whereas this problem doesn’t exist with Cpython 3.2

Hussain Bohra
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