[Stackless] Why No (O'Reilly) Stackless Python Book?

Stefan Drees stefan at drees.name
Wed Aug 22 07:37:46 CEST 2012

Hi Andrew,

On 21.08.12 23:25, Andrew Francis wrote:
> Earlier today, I was browsing the O'Reilly web site. So many titles.
> Something occurred to me:
> Why no Stackless Python book?
> I guess the simple answer is no one has bothered to write it.
> Watching Christian's talk that discussed Stackless's relevance in the
> age of Cloud computing, innovations
> in the PyPy arena, the popularity of greenlets, my own experiences
> trying out CS ideas with Stackless
> (i.e., deadlock detection), just make me think that it is high time
> there is a Stackless Python book....

I remember around the 2004 Berlin Sprint having been approached by a 
publisher to write a book about current Python. So I asked Christian and 
Dinu to author it together, but our conclusion at that time was, that 
the work might not be worth the effort. (Printed) books on the bleeding 
edge were so fast outdated. Since books are now better spreadable and 
updateable for readers of e-Versions, I guess it is time to reconsider ...

All the best,

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