[Stackless] A Timer Method

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Hi Richard:

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AF> Given the ubiquity of timing, why isn't timing is a built in feature? For

RT>Because it is too high level.  To me the existing set of features are
RT>a nice clean set which sit together at a low level.

Fair enough. I understand Stackless' minimalist approach. I have a different philosophy concerning where stuff like tasklet synchronisation should be located.

>You should install "stacklesslib".  It provides the next highest level
>up set of functionality which people can base an application on,
>including support for sleeping.  It was used at CCP when last I was
>there for DUST, and I use it also for my personal projects now.  In
>fact, what I tend to do lately is to have stacklesslib monkey patch in
>place all of its functionality, and just write normal Python code and
>have stackless magic added in the background.

>pip install stacklesslib
>Should do the trick.  It comes with stacklesssocket bundled.

Okay, let me install stacklesslib and play with it. Thanks for the advice

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