[Stackless] Stackless Python 3.2.1 & 3.2.2 code pushed

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 07:49:14 CET 2012


I merged 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 some time ago, but there was a problem with
leaked exception state which rendered them both unstable.  I've
debugged the problem, applied a fix, and pushed it to hg.python.org.
If using the latest Python 3.2 releases upgraded with the Stackless
shenanigans is of interest to you, you can retrieve the source and
compile it yourself.

You can put your local repository clone to the right revisions by
doing one of the following:

    hg update -r v3.2.1-slp
    hg update -r v3.2.2-slp

Unfortunately, I don't think there is an equivalently flexible command
like "svn export" which can fetch an unversioned set of files from a
remote repository.  But maybe if you use one of the following links,
you can use the "bz2", "zip" or "gz2" links on the left-hand side of
the page to save any faffing around with Mercurial.

    3.2.1: http://hg.python.org/stackless/rev/993f37332abf
    3.2.2: http://hg.python.org/stackless/rev/4b587d500e94

I'll do the proper releases for each, hopefully tomorrow.  They
allocate each user 100 MB at the local library whose bandwidth I plan
to use, so hopefully that be suitable :-)


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