[Stackless] Stackless mercurial repository live

xiscu xiscu at email.de
Tue Jan 3 19:42:39 CET 2012

> For the most part from then, it is just committing, pushing and
> pulling changesets.  The only thing I use tortoiseHG for is to
> cherry-pick revisions as it has a useful option to do that, and doing
> it from the command line is an enigma.
My be it's the option "graft" what you mean here:



hg graft [OPTION]... REVISION...

This command uses Mercurial's merge logic to copy individual changes 
from other branches without merging branches in the history graph. This 
is sometimes known as 'backporting' or 'cherry-picking'. By default, 
graft will copy user, date, and description from the source changesets.




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