[Stackless] is there any detail about eve's stacklessio technology?

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yes i have the ppt for pylon 2006, and i googled for the video, but only found part 2, and it's very fuzzy.
is there any high quality video i can find out there? i found one once, but the video link was dead.

BTW, K, why did ccp choose windows over linux/unix? is there any particular reason that win beat linux/unix on the server side?
and about carbonio and bluenet, are they open sourced? where can i find information about them? i googled but found almost nothing.

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You may want look at my talks from past PyCon presentations.  I think my first was back in 2005 or so.

For various eve/stackless/python related dev blog musings, see blog.ccpgames.com/kristjan.



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Efni: [Stackless] is there any detail about eve's stacklessio technology?

is there any technology detail like papers, blogs about eve's stacklessio technology? is it based on stackless python too like their main game logic?
google only shows the news.

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