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Browsing the new website, I'd like to throw some thoughts out there.  I
think the new site is great (even on my iPad), these are intended as a
"where do we go from here" now that we aren't burdened with a pending many
years planned and outstanding upgrade from an old laxly administered
version of Zope.

== wiki and documentation clash ==

The old wiki pages are under the heading documentation.  The content on
these old pages is the wiki content written by myself and others many years
ago now.  We also have the documentation which is checked into the
mercurial repository and which gets generated as part of the release

 * There are different versions of documentation for different Python
 * The website pages are most likely outdated by the mercurial

I have no idea of the best way to manage this.  But I imagine that the
likely path forward is a script that will fetch changed mercurial pages and
automatically update the wiki pages (both being rst this shouldn't be too
painful).  Perhaps we can mark up the wiki pages with tags that  inject the
mercurial content into.  I don't know..

== rss feed / news / featured downloads ==

One part of the old site we no longer have is the rss feed.  This was
useful, in that I could post events like Andrew Francis' presentations at
the Montreal group or the releases of new Stackless versions.

I have no idea if anyone used the rss feed so I am not too concerned about
losing it for now.  But I think that at the least we may want to consider
having some boxes on the right hand side of the front page that feature
either direct download links, or link to specialized download pages for
each released version.

This is something I can likely just go ahead and do after a refresher
course in trac.

== front page content ==

There are too many software project web sites out there that have home
pages (which may even look professionally designed) that tell me nothing
about what it does, or given I know what it does, why I would choose it
over other competing projects.  One I visited recently even had a video
that purported to tell me about the project, but just wasted my time.

I think our content is reasonably clear and concise. But I think we can do
a lot better.  I would want it to serve two purposes.  Clearly present
Stackless to newcomers and to show those already familiar with it exactly
where they can get what they want.  I think we can do this, and I propose
we do it with minimal effort in case I have to be the one to do it again :-)

This is what comes to mind off e top of my head.  I propose that the first
thing on the page be a colored box containing a link with text along the
lines of "tell me about Stackless" (maybe something better), and this link
would go to a specialized trac page.  Below that we have a concise
selection of useful content for existing users who know what they want, in
addition to the latest 2.x and 3.x release boxes on the right hand side.  I
also seem to recall some stackoverflow blog posts about structuring web
pages to drive new traffic which may be with looking at, wi regard to the
colored box.

The "tell me about Stackless" page might have three coloured link boxes.
 The first "what is Stackless" would simply jump to the content below the
boxes and introduce Stackless to a newcomer.  The second "how do I use
Stackless" would link to another trac page which would seek to lead a
newcomer through that.  And the third "who uses Stackless and for what"
would lead to another trac page which highlighted companies and projects
that used it, with the angle of trying to make it clear why the company
chose it, or how they benefited.

Anyway, these are the changes I would like to see made now we have the new
site to make it..

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