[Stackless] unit tests

lars van Gemerden lars at rational-it.com
Sun Jun 24 19:36:45 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to run unit tests and I noticed some thing odd:

If I have 2 test methods testA, testB in 1 class Test(unittest.TestCase).
Both of them run correctly if I run them separately (commenting out the
other), but if i run them both in one run, the second one fails (gives the
wrong output). I think I correctly stop all tasklets in between (after a
test the stackless.getruncount() == 1). The script terminates in all cases.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?
Can anyone suggest a solution?

This happens both in WingIDE and Eclipse/PyDev.

Cheers, Lars

Lars van Gemerden
lars at rational-it.com
+31 6 26 88 55 39
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