[Stackless] virtualenv idea! (was: is it possible to use Ipython with stackless?)

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Jun 26 15:16:33 CEST 2012

On 25.06.12 01:01, Alain Poirier wrote:
> Le 24 juin 2012 à 01:01, Roman Shestakov a écrit :
>> hello,
>> is it possible to use stackless with ipython?
> IPython is always my default shell with Stackless Python and it works fine (I
> don't use the fancy notebook or distributed features).
>> I have installed pre-compiled mac binary for Python 2.7.2 but when I try to execute stackless code I am getting error
>> ImportError: No module named stackless
>> are there any tricks to make it work?
> I personally install IPython with: `easy_install ipython`
> And also `easy_install readline`.

Hi friends,

it is funny, but I was working with easy_install, virtualenv, pip and
such quite a lot on another project, - right now I got this
inspiration from the discussion:

(just a quick note, but if it makes sense, I'll put it in my talk)

The Major Stackless Problem:

Stackless changes the python executable and is therefore not
absolutely easy to install.
This is the reason why the greenlet is preferred so often over stackless.

Maybe a quite easy solution?

It suddenly struck me that the installation problem might simply
vanish or become invisible?
With virtualenv or maybe some modification, it should be not so hard
to make a stackless installation that creates a virtualenv configuration
that does not impose headaches for newcomers.

My dream-solution is

     pip install stackless

inside a virtualenv. People can try, use, and even

     pip uninstall stackless

and it would not be such a problem that the python binary gets replaced.
It would feel like just another package.
And the distribution would be very small and simple, because it just adds
a binary and a handful of files. A bit cheating because the python binary
gets redirected, but so what? from the user experience, this could be it.

Just to quickly drop in this idea, please tell me what you think!

cheers -- chris

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