[Stackless] pip install stackless-python

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Jun 28 16:51:36 CEST 2012

Hi Friends,

while preparing my Euro-Talk, I'm still tinkering forth and back with
a simply installable stackless package which behaves as it were just
a module.

I need your opinion ASAP, because I'd like to add this as a possible
stackless direction for the near future.

What does help Stackless Python the most?

I guess it is a crucial thing to behave like a simple installable package.
Stackless is not, because it needs to replace the interpreter, but my hope
is to make this as irrelevant as possible.

I first thought to build a venv trick to overwrite python in a virtual.
After discussion with the virtualenv people, I think that's not the best
approach, and I came up with a simple compromize,
which should work with or without virtualenv:

Stackless becomes a PyPI package that contains only the binary and the
few changed library modules.
         pip install stackless-python

you have stackless inside side-packages, and you get a message that
tells you

         "Along-side with pythonX.Y, you now have a command
          slpythonX.Y which you can run as an alternative"

and you can also

         pip uninstall stackless-python

This should work with or without virtualenv.
The stackless binary is pre-compiled for each supported cpython
version, using its library.
The idea is to produce similar linkage as python gets, for instance

python     is linked to python2.7    or   python3.2 and
slpython  is linked to slpython2.7  or slpython3.2


Is that the right concept? Is it enough to make a big difference, by giving
users the impression that they just added something to python?
Is it acceptable to have a different name for the executable?

Or _what_ is really making a difference?

eagerly hoping for replies -- Chris ;-)

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