[Stackless] pip install stackless-python

Stefan Drees stefan at drees.name
Thu Jun 28 17:37:58 CEST 2012

Hi Chris,

Am 28.06.12 16:51, Christian Tismer wrote (slightly edited):
> ...
> Stackless becomes a PyPI package that contains only the binary and the
> few changed library modules.
> After
>          pip install stackless-python
> you have stackless inside site-packages, and you get a message that
> tells you
>          "Along-side with pythonX.Y, you now have a command
>           slpythonX.Y which you can run as an alternative"
> and you can also
>          pip uninstall stackless-python
 > ...

to me this sounds good enough for easing the people into wanting to try 
stackless out.

Maybe a different name for the modified python eg. matching the package 
name from the install command stackless-python, stackless-python2.7 etc?

I share the view, that a virtualenv is and should allways be an 
additional option, transparent for the package.

All the best,

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