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Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Jun 28 19:12:29 CEST 2012

On 6/28/12 5:54 PM, Dinu Gherman wrote:
> Christian Tismer:
>> Is that the right concept? Is it enough to make a big difference, by giving
>> users the impression that they just added something to python?
>> Is it acceptable to have a different name for the executable?
>> Or _what_ is really making a difference?
>> eagerly hoping for replies -- Chris ;-)
> Hi Chris,
> this would surely be a more convenient way for many to install and play with Stackless, I guess, especially since tools like pip are becoming ever more popular. For that purpose, having two executables with two different names might be very helpful for newbies.
> But for people who want to do more than play it might be less acceptable. Maybe there's a trick to link pythonX.Y to slpythonX.Y? Also, something similar for reusing stuff in pythonX.Y's site-packages might reduce peoples' fear of keeping the same packages installed in several places (and in sync). But maybe I'm just too cautious...

Hi Dinu,

to clarify a bit more:

The standard stackless package will stay as it is, since all serious users
will probably switch to it. But who knows.

The idea of a pip-installable package is for those people who have no
experience, or just want to try stackless out, whatever.
For those there will be the "slpython package" (name is not settled)
which provides them with an alternative executable together with
their cpython, in exactly the same version.

This would not require virtualenv, but would be most convenient of
course to simply install the package and play with it, or kill it.

/slpython /would physically live in the site-packages of the hosting 
but there would be a script or stub installed into /usr/local/bin or into
<virtualenv>/bin or the equivalents on windows, so it just would play
a parallel companion that shares most of the files, and other packages 
as well.

First, I thought to go even further and name the new executable "python",
but at the moment "slpython" feels more innocent and good enough,
because people may rename that to python themselves.

thanks for input, making progress! -- chris

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