[Stackless] Trip Report from Pycon Canada 2012

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 03:58:59 CET 2012

Hi Fellow Stackless Pythonistas:

Pycon Canada 2012 is winding down. Sunday afternoon, I gave the talk "How to Solve a Problem Like Santa: Prototyping Join Patterns with stackless.py for Stackless Python." The talk and the corrected slides will soon be online. At the sprint, I am fixing up the code base so I can put it online (yes, I know I know). I am also trying to create a more end-user friendly API.

My talk was modestly attended. After all, it is a strange talk in that not only do I have to bring one up to speed about Stackless Python, but talk about how it can be extended. During the Q/A, only one person asked a question: essentially have I used Go? What do I think of it? And why don't I just use that? It was a rhetorical question. My answer: "I'm interested in making Python (especially Stackless) better." My approach is to develop the feature as if it were to be included - this provides a technological constraint. More importantly, it is good to rise to challenges. After all one may learn something new along the way. In my case, I saw a lot of literature concerning STM and lock-free concurrency strategies. This helps in following Armin Rigo's amazing STM work.

Funny, the join pattern model with some changes ought to work in Go too ....

Off-line, folks liked the talk. One person got a kick seeing Limbo code. Another person thought the talk was going to be another using concurrency for distributed load-balancing sort of thing.

There was a lot of buzz around gevent. And a desire to understand the underpins. 

Once again, it is a pleasure to talk about Stackless Python and do cool things with concurrency. This may be the best job I have ever had! With stackless.py, The JIT, continuelets and STM, I really believe wonderful things are in store for 2013.

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