[Stackless] pypi stackless, how's it going?

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Mon Sep 17 11:34:19 CEST 2012


it's time to announce a little progress. After the EuroPython2012 
conference is was very busy and I was on holiday.

Last week I was finally able to continue the stackless installer. I just 
released a new version to PyPi, that add Linux AMD64 support.
This release completes my effort to provide a proof of concept package.

So if you have python on linux 64bit or windows 32bit, please try

$ pip install stackless-python

You should get the commands slpython.exe or slpythonw.exe on Windows or
slpython2.7 on Linux. I'm confident, that the Linux binaries work well 
on most distributions, but I can't test them all.

The Future

As already discussed, we definitively need an umbrella project, that 
selects the "right" installer. The main reason is, that the current 
"single package" installer does not scale. We simply can't include 
binaries for every platform and pip is not smart enough to select among 
several packages.

I propose the rename the current PyPi package "stackless-python" and to 
reuse the name "stackless-python" for the umbrella project.

The umbrella project would be an ordinary python package, installable 
with pip or easy_install. During its installation, the umbrella package 
would use pip to install the right stackless-python installer package.

Is there anybody willing to write the umbrella installer? Of course, I 
can do it, but it might take some time.


Am 21.08.2012 14:03, schrieb Christian Tismer:
> Hi Richard,
> On 7/26/12 11:14 PM, Richard Tew wrote:
>> Hi Anselm / Christian,
>> This:
>>    http://pypi.python.org/pypi/stackless-python
>> I was wondering how this was going?  Is it generally usable?  What
>> needs to be done before we can document it on the Stackless site?  If
>> it is ready, how do we relate it to the existing mechanisms?  When it
>> is ready, maybe we can script it's generation, installation, testing,
>> upload to pypi as part of a release.
>> Also Christian, you had some other ideas related to Stackless.  Are
>> you planning  to take them forward or still considering them?
> Anselm was very busy with a project, and I was/am very busy with my
> back pain, and before I can manage that, my activities are very limited.
> But the pip installer will definately be finalized.
> Actually, I prefer it very much over the current installation
> process. At EuroPython, I wanted to try something quickly with
> Stackless, had no time to build it, so I tried a stackless .dmg on
> OS X, but that screwed my system python, mercurial stopped working
> etc. etc.
> For sure it could have been fixed, but on a congress in a hurry, that
> exactly made the big difference.
> This was a quite ironic experience: After my talk, where I emphasized
> the benefits of the new installation approach, I was hit and distracted
> by the existing one. Things should just work without thinking.
> So I'm really convinced:
> Stackless should no longer replace any python installation at all.
> Instead, it should use the installed version and collaborate nicely
> with that, instead of possibly fighting it and breaking something.
> --
> Concerning other stackless related ideas I had: Can you give me a hint?
> Right now I have no access to my memory ;-)
> cheers - Chris

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