[Stackless] Stackless tickets 21 and 22 and 2.7.4 release plan

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Tue Apr 30 09:47:55 CEST 2013


yesterday I committed the fix for bug http://www.stackless.com/ticket/21 
(crash on exit in slp_kill_tasks_with_stacks) and the
enhancement http://www.stackless.com/ticket/22 (soft switch for 
decorators) to branch 2.7-slp.

Usually I would prefer a bit more discussion about the changes, 
especially for fairly large change like the soft-switch support for 
context managers. But I tested the change very thoroughly and couldn't 
find any problems. Every relevant code path is covered by test-cases and 
I tested on windows 32bit, Linux 64bit with and without PyDEBUG, with 
Visual Studio, gcc and clang.

With this changes in place, I propose to tag current tip of branch 
2.7-slp as release candidate v2.7.4rc2-slp. Release candidate 2 to avoid 
confusion with my unofficial v2.7.4rc1-slp.

I have a fairly crowded schedule for the next two weekends, but I could 
build windows installers and update 
https://pypi.python.org/pypi/stackless-python on Wednesday. Then we 
could release 2.7.4 in about 3 weeks.

@Christian: sorry for committing #21 to quick.


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