[Stackless] stacklesslib & tealet

Werner Thie werner at thieprojects.ch
Tue Apr 30 17:32:20 CEST 2013

Hi all

Concerning the Mac OSX version, I still have that brew recipe? As a tap 
it would probably have a life in the home brew environment.

Concerning the problems with several Python version installed on a Mac 
the home brew approach is by far the cleanest I found.

All we need is tarball on the official site with an MD5 digest, form 
there its only

brew install stackless

Anyone favoring this approach?

> To all:
> I think we should try to discuss a road map for Stackless, where the
> journey
> should go in the future.
> What is the best way to set up a discussion? Does the stackless list
> suffice
> for that, or is it better to use some Google groups stuff?

-1 for Google groups or
rather positive
+1 for the list, it is more than sufficient for me


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