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Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Mon Dec 9 21:08:11 CET 2013

Ok I will let you know.
Actually I arrive on Thursday.  Can you send me info about the meeting? Maybe I can squeeze it into my schedule if my friends don't have anything planned.

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Hi Kristján,

On 09.12.13 11:02, Kristján Valur Jónsson wrote:
Hello Folks.
I‘m travelling with my wife to Berlin this weekend.
I was thinking to try to use Friday afternoon to meet with some colleagues for chat and beer.
There is a small company run by ex-CCP people in Prenzlberg that I want to visit but I was also
thinking that it would be nice to meet those Stackless people that are around.
Christian, will you be in the Gross-Brandenburg area at that time?   Would Anselm by some coincidence be visiting die Hauptstadt?

Too bad that you don't come on Thursday to our Python meeting.
There you could meet Martin v.L. This is the Xmas meeting.

I just moved into my new flat in Babelsberg, btw., actually a twin
bungalow, so if you would like to stay overnight, no problem.
>From Babelsberg to Hackescher Markt takes 40 mins by S-Bahn,
station to station.

We can also meet in the middle like last time if you like. I'm flexible,
as long as the whether is bearable.

There are a few Stackless related people in Berlin, at least they were at
the 2004 sprint (Lutz Paelike, Stephan Diehl, Axel Bringenberg, Dinu Gherman),
but they are not active any more (maybe Dinu and Stephan, mentally).

However, happy to see you two at the weekend!

    ciao - Chris

p.s.: hey, I could host a sprint, again! :-)

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