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On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 2:05 AM, Kristján Valur Jónsson <
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>  What I don't understand is why cpython hasn't been forked long ago. Does
> it have some legal status preventing it from that? And whats with the
> mandatory contributors agreement? That sounds really odd in the day and age
> of freely forkable open source projects.

All the mandatory contributor agreement does is allow a single entity (PSF)
to have legal control over the copyright of the core Python code -- that
gives them the ability to, for instance, alter its license if there's some
need down the road. It does NOT, in any way shape or form, restrict the
rights of anyone who gets the python code. The python license is totally
permissive and allows you to fork at will; it has no special status. You
are even free to fork, close it up and release it as MyPy and refuse to let
anyone get access to the code if you want.

Your forked code will simply not be accepted back into PSF's Python.org
unless you're willing to sign the agreement.

Its a very reasonable way to run an open source project, especially one
that's been through headaches with licenses in the past. Having the PSF
control the legal rights to Python is very beneficial to the community,
IMHO. Some people are completely against such things and I won't get into
an argument over it-- but I just wanted to clarify, it places *absolutely*
no restriction on anything but submission of code to Python.org's main
repository from which official releases are made.

Also, Python has been forked several times. The forks rarely go anywhere,
though. I know of at least two attempts at forking it to get rid of the
GIL, for instance.

And now I go back to lurking. :)
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