[Stackless] Submissions for Pycon 2014?

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Hi Kristjan:

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>Wow, why are these submission deadlines always so super far ahead?

Sorry about being wrong about the deadline date. Still it will be early since the proposal window is typically quite small.

>No particular stackless talks, though.  Unless, we manage to refactor stackless using tealets in record >time and want to rant about it. 

Are you talking about CPython based Stackless or the stackless.py module of PyPy? 

> We could then also talk about new patters in stackless, stacklesslib, and >new stackless >features….thanks for the reminder, I’ll bring the topic up in-house.
Out of curiosity, what are tealets relationship to the single-shot continuations used in stackless.py?

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Hi Folks:
I think the deadline for proposals for Pycon 2014 is coming up soon. I am particularly interested in this Pycon since it is in my hometown (Montreal). Is anyone planning to submit?
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