[Stackless] Issue#24: killing tasklets during thread state cleanup

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Tue Jun 4 14:15:37 CEST 2013


I recently proposed a modification of the behaviour of Stackless Python 
2.7. For details see http://www.stackless.com/ticket/24.


Upon end of a thread Stackless Python kills every tasklet, that belongs 
to the thread.

This behaviour is fine except for one case: if you pickle a tasklet and 
later unpickle and continue the tasklet, pending finally blocks will be 
executed twice:
- in the original tasklet during the processing of the TaskletExit exception
- in the unpickled tasklet during normal processing.

If the tasklet is deleted prior to the end of the thread, finally blocks 
run only once.

This behaviour is inconsistent and can cause unexpected behaviour. We 
need a way to ensure, that the original tasklet gets deleted without 
being revivified.


I propose to exempt a tasklet from being killed, if the tasklet is 
restorable and not scheduled (stackless.schedule_remove() or 
tasklet.remove() was called). Such a tasklet would silently get deleted, 
if its reference count reaches zero.


- One could add a flag to a tasklet that marks the tasklet as being 
serialised and skip killing based on the flag.

- Modify tasklet.bind(callable) to allow rebinding an alive tasklet. 
Then one could use tasklet.bind(lambda :None) to effectively disable 

Open questions

Are there any known use cases, that depend on the current behaviour? Are 
there better alternatives?

I'd like to discuss the general way to to solve this issue on the 
mailing list. Once there is a consensus, we can sort out implementation 
details in the ticket.


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