[Stackless] Issue#24: killing tasklets during thread state cleanup

Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Tue Jun 11 11:18:09 CEST 2013

Just thought I'd let you know that due to lack of response, this discussion Is continuing in the ticket.
Anselm made the interesting suggestion to "unbind" a tasklet.  I like that thought.

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> Subject: [Stackless] Issue#24: killing tasklets during thread state cleanup
> Hi,
> I recently proposed a modification of the behaviour of Stackless Python 2.7.
> For details see http://www.stackless.com/ticket/24.
> Problem
> Upon end of a thread Stackless Python kills every tasklet, that belongs to the
> thread.
> This behaviour is fine except for one case: if you pickle a tasklet and later
> unpickle and continue the tasklet, pending finally blocks will be executed
> twice:
> - in the original tasklet during the processing of the TaskletExit exception
> - in the unpickled tasklet during normal processing.
> If the tasklet is deleted prior to the end of the thread, finally blocks run only
> once.
> This behaviour is inconsistent and can cause unexpected behaviour. We
> need a way to ensure, that the original tasklet gets deleted without being
> revivified.
> Proposal
> I propose to exempt a tasklet from being killed, if the tasklet is restorable
> and not scheduled (stackless.schedule_remove() or
> tasklet.remove() was called). Such a tasklet would silently get deleted, if its
> reference count reaches zero.
> Alternatives
> - One could add a flag to a tasklet that marks the tasklet as being serialised
> and skip killing based on the flag.
> - Modify tasklet.bind(callable) to allow rebinding an alive tasklet.
> Then one could use tasklet.bind(lambda :None) to effectively disable killing.
> Open questions
> Are there any known use cases, that depend on the current behaviour? Are
> there better alternatives?
> I'd like to discuss the general way to to solve this issue on the mailing list.
> Once there is a consensus, we can sort out implementation details in the
> ticket.
> Regards
>    Anselm
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