[Stackless] Recreating a stack

Fábio Santos fabiosantosart at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 12:14:43 CET 2013

Out of an itch to experiment with the innards of Python I've been wanting
to implement a fork() call which works across a network.

This would also make fork() accessible in windows systems.

To do this, I would need to pickle (or otherwise serialize) the whole call
stack and send it through a socket.

Sending some state across the network seems to be no problem. I can also
access each stack frame's f_locals and f_globals dict, making it possible
to send the names and somehow make them available (lazily or upfront), and
through some magic I'm not aware of yet be able to share objects across
this network. It's insane, I know. But it's just an experiment.

My real issue is unpickling. It's impossible to create and change stack
frames from within python, but C might do the trick.

Is it possible to do this using a C extension? Is it even possible to do

I've asked it on stackoverflow.com (
http://stackoverflow.com/q/15184588/1011311), but I decided I should take
this to the stackless mailing list since stackless is my best bet for
implementing stack-changing insanity.

Thanks in advance :)

Fábio Santos
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