[Stackless] Recreating a stack (Anselm Kruis)

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>> And https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sPickle contains useful examples too.
>> Resources like open files/sockets and similar things are a problem. Usually there is no general way to handle them.
>> Cheers
>>   Anselm
> That module seems delightful and experimental. I'll look into it.
> Open files and sockets seem really complicated to me too. I guess I
> could keep the socket between the "nodes" open to read and write to
> the files indirectly. That would allow a logger to keep a reference to
> a remote open file and write to it. Same thing for sockets.
> A lot of fun awaits me.
> --
> Fábio Santos

I tried to reply to Richard too:

> Thank you for your link. I will study it thoroughly.
> This is my first time replying to a mailing list, so please forgive any chaos :)

But I failed to reach the mailing list for some reason.

Fábio Santos

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