[Stackless] Fwd: [Stackless-checkins] stackless (2.7-slp): add a filter function to zipfile.PyZipFile.

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Wed Nov 6 21:03:09 CET 2013


I agree, that we should continue to support Python 2. Our customers 
operate large data centers and implement processes using python 2. They 
won't migrate this code unless there is a very compelling (= saves 
money) reason.

As long as the PSF releases new versions of Python 2.7, we should follow 
the 2.7 release cycle. This way we can guarantee that Stackless 2.7.x is 
compatible to C-Python 2.7.x. After the last C-Python release, we can 
continue to add bug fixes and support for new platforms or OS versions.

About a Stackless 2.8: I like the idea, but we should keep a tight rein 
on it and only accept back-ports of features already in (Stackless-) 
Python 3.x. Otherwise we won't be able to keep a reasonable quality. And 
nobody will use a Stackless 2.8, if there is no reasonable migration 
path to (stackless) python 3.x. But if we add proven 3.x features, a 
stackless 2.8 could become an attractive option on the way to python 3.

About Stackless 3.x: new features - except stackless related ones - 
should go to C-Python. We don't have enough resources to keep up the 
quality of the code and - more important - nobody will accept a 
stackless based solution, if stackless becomes an esoteric and 
incompatible fork of Python.


Am 31.10.2013 14:16, schrieb Kristján Valur Jónsson:
> Fair enough.
> How hard are those to set up?
> 2.8-slp could be branched off when we feel like it.
> I could be an enhanced 2.7 with the added benefit of having slp.  There would be no stackless-less 2.8 :)
> Of course it will be an absolute bastard in terms of featuritis unless we keep a tight rein on it :)
> K
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>> No, let me be clear.  I do not have an opinion about the source control.
>> I am suggesting that Stackless-related discussion stay on this mailing list.  It is
>> a general topic that covers 2.x and 3.x and does not relate to enhancing the
>> 2.x line.
>> And that Python 2.x development go on another mailing list.
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