[Stackless] How to "transfer" a tasklet to the current thread

Anselm Kruis a.kruis at science-computing.de
Thu Nov 7 15:41:35 CET 2013


I have the following use case: the main thread unpickles a tasklet and 
some assorted data and decides, that the tasklet shall be run on a 
worker thread.

Problem: as far as I know, a tasklet bound to a thread (via cstate) and 
this association can't be changed. The best we can do is to create a new 
tasklet on the worker thread, that belongs to the worker thread.


No I can't simply unpickle the tasklet again. Therefore I need to move 
the state from the first tasklet to a newly created one. Currently I 
have the following method:

import stackless
import thread
def to_current_thread(task):
     Get a tasklet for the current thread.

     If the tasklet already belongs to the current thread, this
     method returns the tasklet unmodified.

     Otherwise, this method tries to
     unbind the tasklet and returns a newly created tasklet. If
     unbinding fails, the method raises :exc:`RuntimeError`.
     if task.thread_id == thread.get_ident():
         return task
     reducedTask = task.__reduce__()
     # raise RuntimeError, if task is alive but not paused

     if True:  # python will crash if set to False
         frameList = reducedTask[2][3]
         for i in range(len(frameList)):
             frame = frameList[i]
             if isinstance(frame, stackless.cframe):
                 reducedFrame = frame.__reduce__()
                 newFrame = reducedFrame[0](*reducedFrame[1])
                 frameList[i] = newFrame
     # rebind the task
     task = reducedTask[0](*reducedTask[1])
     return task

# extend the tasklet
stackless.tasklet.to_current_thread = to_current_thread

Is this method correct? Anything to improve?


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