[Stackless] python 2.8 slp (Re: Fwd: [Stackless-checkins] stackless (2.7-slp): add a filter function to zipfile.PyZipFile.)

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Nov 12 12:16:26 CET 2013

Not really true:

I am fighting since weeks to get a patch into PySide that makes stackless
run with PySide (and non-stackless as well).

It is actually that old issue from 2007:
Stackless should not touch its extra fields in PyHeapType when the extension
flag is not set.

As long as that is not solved, we must admit that binary compatibility
is not there.

Not sure what is faster: Pondering more on the PySide devs to allow my 
or fixing Stackless once and for all time.

sigh -- Chris

On 12.11.13 10:04, Kristján Valur Jónsson wrote:
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>> This has been talked about on and off the list for years.  I think at this point
>> it's a matter of just doing it.  Let's get this dog and pony show on the road :-)
> Yay!
>> Would we bother to provide builds which are not "Stackless"?  I really don't
>> see the point, code which does not use Stackless features should run the
>> same regardless of whether we compile it in or out.
> I think the compile time option is there more as a sanity check than anything.
> I don't see the point of leaving stackless out,.
>> We've discussed in the past whether we should bundle stacklesslib with our
>> Python builds.  What was the reason we don't do this?
> Different release schedule, perhaps?
> At CCP I've put a "stacklesslib" inside the Lib folder.  We could add that to stackless.
> But we would have to think about release schedules, and cadence (a popular word these days.)
> Would we want to make stacklesslib more official?  We would have to give it some more love,
> unittests, and its own installer.  Or not.  Installer or not?  part of lib or part of the cheeseshop?
> K
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