[Stackless] PEP 0404 and VS 2010 (python-dev)

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Nov 21 23:24:15 CET 2013


On 21/11/13 22:08, Richard Tew wrote:
> I find it hard to take that thread seriously.
> There's the usual crowd that are firmly against a continued 2.x.  I
> see their names and their hardline attitude every time some
> conversation like this comes up.
> Then there are the people that cling to tenuous claims, in order to
> push against it.
> Suddenly, Stackless Python is confusing?  After 12 years?  Never have
> I encountered someone install Stackless Python and think they were
> installing normal Python.
> And the trademark threats?  What?!  More nonsense.
> I simply don't see the problem here.  No reasonable person is going to
> get confused, unless we approach it in a way where we plan to
> intentionally make them so - which we don't.
> Let's move forward with this.  You're never going to make the list
> happy.  The people who always chime in with 3.x is the way forward,
> and 2.x is dead, will never be satisfied.
> Better to enjoy making positive progress, than wallow in their negativity.

We are at the point where it would be illegal with Python.org to do a
"Stackless Python 2.8". Heh!

I do not care about this, because in the end, Stackless is so much more
known to make changing that name makes a difference...

The proposal "Stackless 2.8" is bad, IMHO. Barry needs to think more,
Stackless is too much known for that to make any substantial difference.

I liked the proposal of "CPython VS 2010" versus "SPython VS 2010", 

In the case of 'CPython', we would stick with what it has.
In the case of 'SPython', we could pull teeth.

About the ABI conciderations: Great, but I am not about to solve all those CPython problems right now. I try to solve _my_/our problem,
and think this is legal.

What is your opinion about that:

I consider to make C/SPython the same distribution, and have different DLLs created in the builds. This way, people will have it both, with a different .ExE name. And that would simply work in the same tree.

In a sense, the pydev discussion made sense, and if it just helped
to improve our self-positioning, no?

In the end, I am quite happy that this had such a lot of impact.
But at the same time, I have to say that Python has turned into
something that I really have to discuss my love for it. Is that my Python?

Anyway, you are my friends, and this is eternal.

cheerioke -- Chris

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