[Stackless] PEP 0404 and VS 2010 (python-dev)

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Nov 21 23:55:08 CET 2013

Yes, Ritchie,

On 21/11/13 22:08, Richard Tew wrote:
> I find it hard to take that thread seriously.
> There's the usual crowd that are firmly against a continued 2.x.  I
> see their names and their hardline attitude every time some
> conversation like this comes up.
> Then there are the people that cling to tenuous claims, in order to
> push against it.
> Suddenly, Stackless Python is confusing?  After 12 years?  Never have
> I encountered someone install Stackless Python and think they were
> installing normal Python.
> And the trademark threats?  What?!  More nonsense.
> I simply don't see the problem here.  No reasonable person is going to
> get confused, unless we approach it in a way where we plan to
> intentionally make them so - which we don't.
> Let's move forward with this.  You're never going to make the list
> happy.  The people who always chime in with 3.x is the way forward,
> and 2.x is dead, will never be satisfied.
> Better to enjoy making positive progress, than wallow in their negativity.

I am delighted, and I am confused.

There is one thing that I will avoid: "Stackless Python 2.8".
This is a mixture of concerns as I see it. Partially opinions,
and I'm a bit disappointed with friends like Barry.
There are also very technical concerns, where Martin is delightful
to read.
And there is Chris Barkers input - started controversially, but in
the end sounded quite reasonable.

In any case, I will submit something, ASAP.
This is because I have a good customer (first time not CCP) who wants
the defininive Python 2.X solution for the next five or so years.

And I think this could benefit from an approach that deploys both
CPython and Stackless Python DLLs in the first place.
That was the reason why I was with Chris Barker, in the first place.

So if my small-brain is not too contorted (feel free to tell me because
I _do_ have brain issues), is it ok with you if I

- make a CPython/SPython 2010 combined distro

- Call that either CPython or SPython

- use that name space from now on

- have different .DLL names for these versions

- tell this officially

- create lots of extension modules that are needed and make sense

You got it - what I want is something that works, without having to discuss
for ages. I agree to work on certain things, but I disagree to have to 
do it,
just for python.org. They are strong enough, we are weak enough. Right?

So I still see an advantage to be fast with a workable version for our 
and that should count for us. This is most important to me right now.
Please contact me privately about the details.

cheers - and thanks for all the fish -- chris

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