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Mon Oct 28 12:11:52 CET 2013

On 28.10.13 11:40, Kristján Valur Jónsson wrote:
> I
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>> I am thinking of a revised Stackless Policy
>> -----------------------------------
>> You all know that I'm proactively supporting Python 3.x and have moved my
>> projects to it. Almost -- there is one important customer who needs Python
>> 2.7.5, and that's the reason why I messed things up in the end.
>> I am sharing the Python 3 idea that new things should go into Python 3.
>> But I am not sharing the opinion that there shalt be no improvements to
>> Python 2.x in the restrictive way CPython does it.
>> Instead, I have the idea that Stackless could get a benefit from back-porting
>> more goodies from Python 3.x. This goes (at a much smaller scale) in the
>> same direction as Kristjan's idea to support futures without threads and
>> other async structures in Stackless 2.x which are not available in CPython 2.x.
>> So my new approach to changing the Stackless policy is this:
>> Stackless _does_ backport improvements that CPython does not allow, in a
>> way that is compatible with CPython 3.x.
>> There are two simple reasonings for both projects:
>> - CPython wants to give Python 2.x users a good reason to switch to Python
>> 3.
>> - Stackless wants to give Python 2.x users a good reason to switch to
>> Stackless.
>> Ahem - What do you think?
> Yes, I think this could be nice.  But maybe we should then create a new branch.
> Let's call it stackless 2.8.  This would be our new main development branch.
> We can backport features from 3.x (like improvements to locking) and
> other such things that are minimally different from 2.7.  There are people
> still using 2.7 that might not want the break in functionality.

Yes, that is a good one.
Let us create 2.8 as the stackless development branch where things can go.

And a change for WingIDE goes into 3.4 and 2.8, right?

Cheers - Chris

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