[Stackless] Documentation of tasklet life cycle (was Re: Open Stackless issues)

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Hi Guys:

This is great! Sorry about that. I am not sure why I was under that impression? Let me dredge out pickling code examples and see what I was doing.


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Tasklets blocked on channels can be pickled.

>>> import stackless
>>> c = stackless.channel()
>>> def f(ct):
...     print "in"
...     ct.receive()
...     print "out"
>>> t = stackless.tasklet(f)(c)
>>> t.run()
>>> import cPickle
>>> s = cPickle.dumps(t)
>>> s

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> Hi Anselm:
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>>I just created a first draft of a state diagram for the tasklet life
>>cycle. It is here:
>>Any comments and suggestions are highly welcome.
> Nice work. Some comments:
> What is the difference between a tasklet that is not alive (i.e., not bound
> to a callable) and a tasklet that is not alive (but bounded to a callable).
> Should there be a dead state?
> Do you really need to distinguish between the "running" state and the
> "running in scheduler" state? Isn't the difference between stackless.run()
> and tasklet.run() a matter of when a tasklet is scheduled?
> Does a tasklet that is pickled or blocked on a channel require a special
> state (since a tasklet blocked on a channel cannot be pickled)?
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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