[Stackless] MacOS stackless installers needed

Filip M. Nowak stackless at oneiroi.net
Wed Apr 2 19:08:27 CEST 2014

Hi there.

On 02.04.2014 00:20, Werner Thie wrote:
> Aloha all
> I don't see the slightest reason for installers on the Mac. As I showed,
> it's really easy to go with homebrew, even if you only change the
> formula for building stock python.

Strongly disagree. Not every Mac owner feels like hacking around or even
using ports-like approach. There is nothing wrong with providing even
"semi-official" installer. Fact is this can save potential users effort
and issues.

> If the access to the VCS would be public then we could have another go
> at a 'stackless' formula, the main problem with the first attempt was
> the homebrew crew rejecting stackless on the ground, that it would
> collide with all the other python formulae, mainly due to binary,
> library and installation path duplicates.

This is easy to address. You can set proper but alternative installation

> Werner


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