[Stackless] MacOS stackless installers needed

Filip M. Nowak stackless at oneiroi.net
Thu Apr 3 19:53:49 CEST 2014

Hi there,

On 03.04.2014 15:28, Hervé Coatanhay wrote:
> Hi FIlip,
> Both MacOS installer and homebrew use the framework-approach. This
> left prefix-approach for people that feels like hacking around IMHO.

"hackishness" of prefix-approach is a matter of open discussion I would
say. I must admit that I used to prefix-based way (and it is extensively
used in many POSIX OSes packaging systems) but I agree that for Mac OS X
framework thingy is more proper.

> For Homebrew, it might be as simple as creating a "keg only" Stackless
> Formula provided by a "Tap"  on github.
> Concerning MacOS Installer, as I understand it, we're facing the
> following choice:
>     - provide a Stackless installer which override official CPython
> installer (the choice made so far)
>     - change build-script.py to change the "framework name"

I would go for the second option (with installer) - but again, it's just
me. This would be less confusing, easier and probably safer for packager
himself :) . At the end what's the goal? Basically - to provide usable
and nice enough instance of Stackless for Mac OS x? If so this would do.

> Does it sum it up well ?


> Hervé
> On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 2:51 PM, Filip M. Nowak <stackless at oneiroi.net> wrote:
>> (...)

	All the best,

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